Saturday, January 8, 2022


Yesterday morning was glorious. The sun was shining, it was above zero. It was wonderful to be outside on such a beautiful day. But once we started walking, I saw little traces of blood in Sheba’s tracks in the snow. So, even though she was not limping and was showing signs of vibrant life with her dog friends, we came home to sock her.

It was a day for chores: I got rid of some of my broken garage pieces and I got all my garbage and recycling together because the regional district is having a special pick-up day on Saturday. We’ve been without collection for quite a while due to all the snow. I did, however, use all the rest of my time during the day to study signing.

I’m in Course One of my ASL program. There are three courses. Course One has thirteen units; each unit has a vocabulary section, a conversation section, a reading section (on deaf history or ASL grammar) and at least one quiz. I’m currently working on unit three and it’s the first one that’s quite hard. There are 54 signs in the vocabulary section. Yikes!

This sentence, spoken by Joe Biden on January 6, thrilled me when I heard it on a CBC news report: “You can’t love your country only when you win.” What a nice big fat ‘fuck you’ to all the followers of the blond blowhole.


Last night, almost six years into FND, I had my first dream in which I had a seizure. 

This morning, Sheba seemed better. I’m letting her be sockless because she is showing no signs of doing damage to her foot, but she is not at all interested in walking in the snow. We started off on our morning walk and she just stopped a very short distance in. We’ll do another later, but most of my day will be spent studying. That’s it.

Amethyst mushrooms!

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