Saturday, March 12, 2022

85 Signs Memorized!


Okay. A first: me signing. This is what I’m saying: “Lots of people sign, but many sign differently. For example: the sign for bus. I sign like this, he, like this, and she fingerspells. These signs are very different, and the difference makes learning confusing for me and all students of ASL."

Friday dawned dark and wet, but mild. The rain was gentle. It’s predicted to rain every day for at least the next eight days, and it will stay warm. I love the warmth, but I’ll miss the sunshine. It’s perfect weather for my challenge of learning 240 signs. 

I am very confident that I learned 85 of them yesterday. I tested myself on all 85 three times and I got them all correct. I’ll check them again in a week. Today I don’t expect to commit as many to memory because the ones I did yesterday were the easiest. There are 155 remaining to be memorized. I hope to get 30 done today.

We went for a walk. The best part was the fresh fragrances of the forest. Luckily, the rain held off for the duration of our walk. Then I went into the village for some supplies and to pick up some baking tools from the post office that will enable me to make some improvements to my process of lining silicon moulds with chocolate. I’m making some more chocolate bombs, but different than last time.

I did more studying when I got home, and then I went back into the village because the health food store had a delivery at 1:00 of sourdough bread. I got 4 loaves. Thank God sourdough bread is okay on my diet. After that, reading a little, content that I earned it after memorizing 85 signs.

At 4:00 I had a tutorial session with Gus. It went super well, and then it was time for dinner, television and bed.

This morning, as predicted, is wet and warm. I got up, fed the pets, lit the fire and got right to studying. I’m a man obsessed. As soon as I get the 30 signs memorized that I want to do today, I may make some chocolate bombs—different than last time.

I am so into my studies, I did not do a writing exercise.

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