Friday, March 25, 2022

Ibuprofen is My Best Friend

This is what two cords looks like.

It was clear all night Wednesday night. When I woke up yesterday, I was happy to think of warm sunshine heating me up as I worked. But no, it soon clouded over, trapping the cool air, and preventing the sun from heating me up. It was dispiriting to have to work in such cool air and so dull a day.

I kept thinking about all the fires I’d enjoy next Fall, Winter and Spring, as a way to get myself started yesterday. I reluctantly began as soon as I got back from walking Sheba. Sigh. Starting over at 1 barrow load and hoping to work my way up to 30 of them, fearing that there were that many remaining to do.

I did 5 barrows full and was ready to call it a day. My right arm ached. So, I rested before doing 5 more. Then it was time for lunch. I love my breaks. And I loved seeing the pile diminish. I ate lunch suspecting I had less than 30 barrows full to do to finish.

As I headed out to do barrows 11 to 15, I was not thinking about next Winter’s fires, I was thinking about how good the couch would feel last night. At 1:30, I finished stacking load 15. It was time for a break, and … to celebrate. There were only two more barrows full of big wood to stack. And 2 loads of little pieces that I stacked separately. 

I did it. I did it! I even folded up the tarpaulins and put them away. What an epic job, finished! I walked Her Highness and went into the village for cookies. I needed a reward

I don’t light the fire during the days anymore. I do in the morning, to heat up the house after the coolness of the nights. And I light another small fire at dinner time to be cozy warm with my pet buddies as we fade into sleep. That’s what I did last night.

And today is a day off. I have a signing session at 4:00, other than that, I plan to do nada all day today, except to read and relax after two gruelling days of labour—and with more coming next week. 


Unknown said...

Hello my inspirational friend, we have lost touch. Dave Stevenson here. You continue to share your journey, now in a blog.
You are amazing.
WVSS seems like so long ago and sometimes only yesterday. I am now working in post secondary at VCC , some of the lessons you taught me and some of the adventure we shared I use to lift up students. As with all things in life, mine feel apart, only to knit back in a more amazing way. I continue to cherish each day and have enough challenges and love to feel blessed, most of the time.

All my best


Christopher Loranger said...

David!! I'm positively thrilled to hear from you. I searched the VCC website for a way to contact you, but failed. I hope you see this reply and know how much my years teaching at WVSS and meeting you mean to me still. You were a joy to know. I was amazed to hear, as I recall, that you became very involved with the West Van School board. What a guy! You had such a wonderful social conscience. I greatly admired you.

I'd love to know more about how your life has evolved. Could you write to me at (I took the last name of my birth mother when I found her, hence the absence of the Tyrell surname).I shall hope that you write to me so that we can catch up a little.

I am so, so very grateful to you for this note, David. I remain a stalwart fan!