Sunday, March 6, 2022

Tired, Tired, Tired

Saturday was a beauty of a day. We got started with lovely forest walk and it was simply stunning to be outdoors. As always, the forest scents inf used me with abundant joy. After the walk, Her Highness and I zipped into the village for some supplies for last evening’s dinner with Ali and Peter.

I felt I was fueling my day with the last of my energy. Making the chocolate bombs was a major effort, as was dealing with the pain of IBS, and preparing for last night’s dinner, studying ASL and doing my writing exercises, had me feeling totally tuckered out. By the time my guests were due, I wanted to go to bed. But hey…one carries on.

And we had a great night. Even my dinner, hugely compromised by my FODMAP diet, went over well. I made things for them, and separate things for me. But we shared the pizza I made on grain-free flat bread, and they loved it. After dinner we played Tile Rummy and that was good fun. They are terrific people, these lovely neighbours.

I could hardly wait for today; a day I’ll spend lounging and reading after first Zooming with my BC stuttering group at 10:00. I don’t want any guests for a month. But I do want to make more chocolate bombs. They went over well with everyone and were delicious. But fattening. So, I won’t be making any more for a while.

Last night, I made my first-ever pizza. I got some grain-free pizza dough in our local grocery store and built the pizza on that. I really liked it.

No writing exercise today. No one to meet. All I want to do is lie down and rest or sleep and maybe some reading. I am totally knackered.

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