Monday, September 12, 2022

A Day of Rest

Sunday was lovely. It was nice and warm, and the smoke was gone. I Zoomed with my stuttering friends, walked Sheba, and then got back to work on the yard. I only have a little more to do today to finish the job of clearing the whole lot of all the forest fall from last week’s windstorm.

But I quit early. It was Sunday, after all. My day, and I wanted some Bruno time. When I went to bed, I had a nice surprise. For the first time, Fred came to bed with Sheba and me. 

This morning began with a walk under grey skies. At 5:00 this morning, there was thunder and a very short rain shower. The endless sunshine and heat are ending. I’m both sad and happy. Watering won’t be so onerous, and I’ll get more reading done. I’ll finish my current Bruno novel and then, before I read the next one, I’m going to read Juliette’s memoir. Juliette is a pen pal who lives in Paris.

I’m still struggling with my new computer. Things are so vastly different from what I’m used to. It is training me; I am slowly learning how to use my email properly. Old dog; new tricks.

Right now, the sun has come out, so I’m off to clear the roof of my studio and I’ll be sawing some large low-hanging branches off a couple of Ocean Spray trees in the yard.

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