Wednesday, September 28, 2022

First Clinic Board Meeting

Whoa, the learning! I’ve been so gung-ho about a signing incentive for the clinic, but it’s becoming extremely complex. I’m backtracking on a lot of my thinking as I learn more and more about government policies on the funding of doctors and clinics, locums and “return service” providers (foreign doctors who move to BC and re-train to become physicians here). It’s extremely complex.

Nancy told me today, that my questions and suggestions are making her realize how complex the task of training new board members is. It takes one hell of a lot of training to get new recruits into a position of meaningfulness for the Foundation.

Tuesday was another stunning day. Her Highness and I went for a lovely walk to get our day underway, and then we came home to lunch, and I had some time with Bruno. Then I got to work. I had to write out what I want to say or post in the board meeting this morning and to Dr. Shoja, whom I also talk to later this morning. Then I had a spa and spent some time with Bruno. Finally!

Something is wrong with my knee. It’s sore and has been for almost a month. Every day it swells up and it even hurts at night when I am in bed. I guess it’s my turn to have a bad joint. I know so many people who’ve had hip or knee replacements. I hope this isn’t something that eventually will require surgery. I don’t want anything to do with a hospital thank you!

And more bad news: I got scammed and I fell for it. But I realized my mistake quite quickly and phoned my bank and cancelled my credit card. A new one is on its way.

I’ve invited Dan, Steve, François, Eoin and Jay to tinner on Friday, and I’ve decided to make Phad Thai. It’s not an easy dish to make and I risk comparisons with our islands famous Phad Thai maker, Kenny. But hey, I’m up for a challenge that is a lot less anxiety producing than my work with the clinic.

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