Thursday, September 8, 2022

Waiting for Cables

 It’s so frustrating sitting at my desk with a brand spanking new iMac in front of me that I can’t use. Instead, I’m single digit typing on my ridiculous little iPad that can only one application at a time. An iPad is not my idea of an effective communication tool. It’s great back up when my computer is broken, but I don’t like using it in the long term. I apologize for yesterday’s post. Auto correct and my ineptitude rendered it almost nonsense.

First thing Wednesday morning I took Sheba to the groomers. I’m going to be very happy to lose the little clots of pitch in her hair, and she looks so, so good. I came home to wrap and deliver Issa’s birthday present. She is two today. And on the way home, with great anticipation, I checked my postbox to see if the new computer cables had arrived. They hadn’t. So, I continue to struggle with the iPad. But soon….


I stayed indoors all day. The sunshine was gorgeous but the wind was fierce. I guess it a gazillion for cones cover my yard, but thankfully no large branches came down. But I hate seeing trees bending over so far. It scares me. They look so dangerous. There’s stuff all over the roads and all over my yard and in the gardens. I am in for a massive cleanup when this wind stops.


I scored a major connection. I’ve been emailing back-and-forth with the daughter of a friend of mine named Caitlin. She is a first year resident at the hospital in Nanaimo along with eight other residents, and a great number of them are intending to go into private practice. Last year every single resident graduate became a hospitalist. Not a single one went into private practice.

I’m about to draft a letter to send to each of Caitlin‘s peers. My plan is to invite them to Gabriola if my colleagues at the clinic think that’s a good idea, and if we can make a plan for a tour of the island and our clinic. Perhaps we should take them for a nice lunch in one of the board members homes or at the surf.

I don’t know how this will go, but my colleagues are thrilled that I’ve been able to make contact with the group of residents at the hospital. They are more optimistic about this approach than they were in the campaign that the consultant undertook. I feel good about making the connection with Caitlin, because it’s given so much of an emotional lift to my colleagues.

I’m off now, to see if there are cables in my postal box.

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