Saturday, September 24, 2022

This Magnificent Cake!

I absolutely loved this film. It’s extraordinary and it’s a true story. It’s on Kanopy, the free streaming service you can get if you have a library card. It’s called This Magnificent Cake.

I’m on my way to the disability tax credit. I will know more after my appointment with Dr. Shoja on Wednesday next week. Wednesday is going to be a big day. Besides seeing Dr. S. again after a long, long break, I will also know if the clinic board of directors will authorize a signing bonus. I can hardly wait.

Yesterday was a solid day of doing clinic work. I’m ready for the board meeting and on my way to completing the re-writing of the website. In the evening, I started cleaning up for the arrival of Lydia, David, Gene and Sidney this afternoon. And that’s what I’m doing today—more cleaning, and probably some cooking so we have something to eat for dinner.

I can’t quite get used to the position I’m now in with the clinic. For board members on Wednesday, I’ll be the face of their most important concern: the search for doctors. I’m honoured, insecure and exhausted, all at once. I have so much work to do, my head spins. But while Lydia, et al, are here, I am ignoring it all. Come their departure, I’ll be back at work and working hard.

This post was late today because I spent all morning working on clinic stuff. We are really rolling now. I’m feeling so welcomed and valued by the board, it’s wonderful. Now I’m going to get cooking for the arrival of my guests.

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