Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Guests Cancel

Monday began with a dog walk with my friends. It was another truly lovely day. When I got home, I took to reading, had a light lunch, went to the park with Her Highness to play fetch, then more reading before dinner and then early to bed. The end.

Today began with disappointment: Bruce and Caryn were coming to have lunch with me today, but BC Ferries cancelled their morning ferry. All is not lost. They’ll come on Thursday instead.

It’s another gorgeous day today, and tomorrow is expected to be hot (28°). This has been the driest and warmest September I can remember. Our Summer started late, but it is lasting right into Autumn. No complaints! I’m watering today, but I must do it much less now that it’s cooler and there is dew in the night.

I’m going to try a new recipe for curry tonight. I usually make dishes with red curry, but I’m going to make my own green curry and make a nice big batch of it. I found a culinary site that sells seeds, so I’m now grinding my spices, more and more, by hand. I think they are better than pre-ground spices that dry up and lose their oil. My seeds come vacuum packed in plastic, and I am careful to keep them from drying out once I open the packages.

I’ll also spend time with Bruno. I finished Juliet’s memoire. I proposed Zooming with her to talk about it, but she doesn’t like to Zoom. So, I’ll write out all I wanted to tell her. She and I have an awful lot in common.

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