Sunday, September 4, 2022

Dinner in Pinecone Park

 Saturday began with a trip into the village to go to the farmers’ market. It was easily the busiest market of the year so far. Everyone, of course, was in the best of spirits because it was such a lovely day. They were lots of dogs—gorgeous dogs— and long lineups of people for the most popular stalls.

Then I came home and pruned all my raspberries and lavender. It made a great improvement to the garden, it looks so much tidier everywhere now. And then I tidied up the courtyard and the patio where the dining table now is, in the centre of the backyard. Then I took some time to just relax and read more of the current Bruneau novel that I’m reading. I wanted to be feeling strong and speaking well for Ursula and Dave during dinner.

Geez, I just kept going and going all day. Picking up dog poop in the backyard, raking up cones, watering everything that needed watering, Finally, I did the final prep prep for all the food I was serving my guests.They arrived exactly at six, and with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for me. That was such a lovely surprise! They currently hold pride a place in my living room.

We ate outside and suffered not a single mosquito or wasp. That is amazing! And they love the food. I know that they loved it because both of them had second servings of every single course—the main, the salad, and the dessert. And then we came into the house for tea and wind up talking till about 10:30. So that was a good long visit. They derived at six. And I had a really nice time with them. They’re really nice people, and David laughs very very easily. On both sides, I have the best of neighbours.

When I woke up this morning it was overcast, it had been some showers through the night, and it was a bit chilly in my house so I lit a fire. It’s nice to have a morning fire and warm up the house. I’m going on the big dog walk at 10, then I’m coming home to chill with Bruno, and tonight I’m having dinner at The Surf with Ian, François and Jay—my peeps!

I’m totally beat this morning. I have that “hit by a truck “feeling in my body from all the activity of the past few days. But it’s Sunday today, my day, no guilt day, and I am going to take full advantage of all the permissions I give myself today. I love Sundays, and I hope you love yours.

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