Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A Day of Rest

Yikes, it’s 5° out there this morning. Ouch! But we’ve yet another bright, sunny day ahead. And

Tuesday was, of course, a gorgeous, stunning day. There is still no rain at all in the forecast. If we get any rain at all in October, it’s going to be in the final week of the month. This is unheard of in the rain forest.

Yesterday was a heavy clinic day. I had a Zoom meeting at 10:30 that went well, and then Ash, Di, Sheba and I went for a lovely forest walk before I had to take them to the float plane dock to see Di and Ashlee off. I came home feeling their absence deeply, but once I was home it felt good to just flop onto the couch and have a badly needed rest. After that, I was off to the clinic for an in-person meeting about our search for doctors.

My meeting ended at 7:00, and when I got home all I wanted was for time to pass quickly so that I could go to bed. And what a sleep I had!

As a result of the meeting, I have a lot of clinic homework to do. I’ll get started today, but I’ll also be taking time for myself. After four days with guests, I need to recalibrate. I had a most excellent visit with them. We had an absolute blast together! But alone time will give me time with Bruno and time for my speech to recover.

Highlight of the day today: Lunch with Eoin and François and a date with their ducks, pigs and dogs.

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