Monday, October 10, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

The prediction for rain today evaporated. Today will be, like every day since mid-July, sunny, warm, and bright. It’s an extremely popular topic for discussion, our endless Summer. DI and Ashlee came with my on the Sunday morning large dog walk. It was fun to have them as part of a big part of my life—group dog walks. And is such great weather, it was a special morning walk.

Then we came home, made of list of supplies we need for our Thanksgiving meal tonight, to which Mog and her partner, Chris, are coming. And then we went into the village for lunch at Ground Up. After lunch, we went to do our shopping and realized that we forgot our list, so we came home, and everyone had a nap. Then Di and Ashlee took my car and went to some of the open artists’ studios on the island and to do the shopping. 

When they got back, we ordered a pizza and went to get it for our dinner. Then we watched a movie and the Great Canadian Baking Show and then we all went to bed.

Today we make our Turkey dinner and tonight Mog and Chris come to eat it with us. We’ll all be involved with making dinner, I’ll water the back gardens, and tonight we party. 

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