Saturday, October 29, 2022

Our Revised Website is Done!

Friday was gloriously sunny. I was up at 6:00 and back at work on clinic business by 6:30. At 8:45, I left to meet my friends to walk our dogs in the forest and sunshine, and then I was back at clinic work by 9:45. I was firing at full cylinders until noon. I did not expect to work today, but I jumped at the chance to draft an article for the doctors, to place some international ads, and … to get our new website up and live. See our primary recruitment tool here.

After finishing the clinic work, I went for a quick trip into the village to take another shot of the skateboard park for the website, but no one was skating. Our current photograph of the park is rather dull; we want an action shot. So, off I went to get some food for the weekend and then I came home to read on the couch with Bruno—a new book. I was exhausted after a very, very busy week.

Not long after I was settled, I got a series of emails from the Arts Council that kept me busy for an hour, providing headlines for the four articles I wrote for them and changing the graphic banner to include a photograph of me (an idea I didn’t like, but something that Carol wanted).

Today is cool and cloudy with some sunny periods, but a big storm is predicted for tonight which may mean no power because big wind is a feature of the storm.  Pooey. 

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