Friday, October 14, 2022

Yay! Photoshop!

I’m stoked! I have rented Photoshop, a program I have long loved but gave up on when I retired. It’s an expensive program to rent, but I love using it. It’s going to take some retraining, but I’m looking forward to being of practical assistance to the clinic. I used the program to create an ad for the Foundation to put in our local newspaper. If the board appreciates my graphic skills, I will ask them to pay for my program rental because I’ll save them a ton of money doing their ads and invitations. They have been buying all their graphic services.

Update: This morning I got an email from Harvey offering to pay my monthly rental fees for Photoshop!

All I did Thursday was clinic work. I was burned out by the end of the day. I had a 2-hour Zoom meeting about fundraising and then Her Highness and I went for a beautiful walk. It was nice to walk later in the day when the forest had warmed up, instead of the in the early morning when it’s much cooler. 

Today, I’ve a lot of watering to do, shopping must be done, and there’s more clinic work to do as well. But I hope to get some time with Bruno and I’m looking forward to a very relaxing evening on the couch. I want to spend my Bruno time on the deck. My deck is awash in sunshine much of the day now that the trees have been felled. It’s a lovely place to get cozy and read in the warm sunshine.

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