Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Mr. Graphics

Monday began with a dog walk. Sheba has a sore foot, so I was relieved that she could do the walk wearing one of the dog socks I bought for her. She often has foot troubles. We came home so I could fetch my clinic materials, and then I went to Nancy’s place so that we could do some work together on the recruitment campaign.

All the rest of the day was spent on outcomes from our meeting, and I’ve been working all morning on them as well. Finally, I am taking a break to write this post, do some shopping, and then to get back to more work for the clinic. 

I’m very, very excited about this work. I placed two ads in our local paper that I made up (see below), and I put an ad in the BC Medical Journal for the coming three months. But the big job has been on the website. I have written a lengthy email to our web consultant, outlining all the changes I want to make, providing him with new graphics that I did, and new links to replace the ones chosen by the departed consultant.

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