Sunday, October 9, 2022

DI and Ash Arrive

By noon yesterday, it was 25° and spectacularly bright in the kitchen as I worked on the preparations for making pad thai. I made guest beds with linen fresh dried in our clean fragrant forest air, vacuumed everywhere, washed windows, and thoroughly cleaned the guest bathroom. I was excited to welcome Dianne and Ashlee to Pinecone Park on so gorgeous an afternoon.

Once done, I relaxed for a while by enjoying a soak in the hot tub in brilliant sunshine. Before the spa was always in shade, but no more. Plus, I had some Bruno time and that always makes me happy. I’d been excited for days about this visit. DI and I get along perfectly, and I love being with Ash. She’s a happy soul and she’s Di’s daughter; I quite adore her.

I went to pick them up at the float plane wharf at 4:45. We came home, everyone ecstatic about the weather for our long weekend together, and Ash and Di moved into their rooms. Once everyone was settled, it was time for happy hour. We sat outside in the warmth of the end of the late afternoon and had a good chin wag before coming inside for dinner and a movie.

We had the beset night together, even though my pad thai wasn’t up to par. (The new tamarind is very fluid and not nearly as good as the paste I had for the first batch.) We suffer no shortage of things to discuss. I could barely speak but both Ash and Di are very patient and encouraging. After dinner we watched a movie and then Ash went to bed and Di and I talked lots more before retiring. 

We have plans for a full day today—some shopping, the big community dog walk, visiting some studios because this weekend is the open studio festival, and then pizza and another movie.

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