Monday, October 31, 2022

The Pitch

Saturday night, I wrote a pitch to move on our clinic website. Dyan will say no. She likes to go slow. But I am going to keep pushing and helping her to see a process that will allow us to do it. I may not succeed, but I am going to try hard. I’m not intimidated by her; I feel very comfortable in the culture of the clinic and feel good about my advocacy. Dyan shut down my idea to involve the doctors and push for a medical voice in our newsletter, but we are almost there. The docs are considering an article that I wrote for them this week. I’m an action man a doer, and I’m having an impact on the Foundation board.

My Zoom session with the BC stuttering group was as interesting and fulfilling as it always is. For one thing, I have a crush on Mohammed. Seeing him is always stimulating. And everyone seems keen on coming to Gabriola next Summer for a weekend visit. That’d be a blast. I have never met these people in person, and I really like them all.

I wrote about a pitch I made to Dyan, our soon-to-be chairperson, about creating a quick and dirty website for the Foundation. We already have a website but it’s astoundingly dull. The existing one is an archive for our Foundation. It is not at all the kind of site that supports a fundraising drive or builds community with islanders. I was sure she’s shoot me down; she moves forward slowly and thoughtfully. 

But she is coming here to my house on Friday to talk about my proposal. I am thrilled. When a person responds with a proposal to meet and talk, I am so happy and feel so respected, that the outcome of the discussion doesn’t matter. I’m so glad she’s open to discussion. So, today I’ll be writing up a proposal for a website.

But first, I’ll walk Her Highness with my friends on a very fine morning. The sky is blue, it’s a comfortable 8° and even warmer when the sun hits my back. It was such a pleasure to fetch wood this morning in the bright, clear and fresh air.

I wanted to go to Nanaimo for supply shopping this week, but I am too busy, so my visit will have to wait until next week. I’ve my first STAMMA Zoom meeting this week for which I am the administrator. And Leo, Merrill and Issa are coming for dinner tomorrow. We’re having pad Thai. Yum! And Sheba gets groomed on Friday and also that day, I pitch the new website to Dyan. 

Pi Pie

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