Monday, October 24, 2022

Scammed Again

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I got scammed again. I got an email from my friend Rod (from his actual address) asking me to buy an Amazon gift card for him and I did. And it was received. And then he asked me to get another one, so I called him, and he knew nothing at all about the emails. But it is his real address that I sent the gift card to. I am out $250. Thieving fuckers make me sick. It’s the second time in a month I’ve fallen for a scam. 

Light rain fell last night; I’m glad for my lawns and gardens. But it was just a dampening of the yard. This morning, the sky is partially clear, but there are nice white fluffy clouds. I am so pissed about being scammed. It’s ruined my morning. I was so flustered I missed my training session with STAMMA. I wrote to Kristin right away and we’ll straighten things out tomorrow.

Yesterday went as planned—slowly and gently. I enjoyed the big community dog walk. I know most of the people now, and it’s a joy to have brief chats with many of them. It was bright and sunny as we walked, but the clouds started rolling in as I arrived home. So, I read and watched a movie and The Great Canadian Baking Show (that I love). 

Sea Jasper

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