Thursday, October 20, 2022

I ❤️ Peacocks

Wednesday was another busy day. I had several ads to place and for not one of them, was the process straight forward. Still, every day we make progress. 

I got a very polite and gentle reprimand for asking Harvey to be reimbursed for my Photoshop rental from Dyan, the boss lady. But I didn’t ask for the reimbursement; it was offered to me by our accountant. It was nice that someone else made a mistake and not me this time.

Besides clinic work, I had to tidy the house and clean it because David came for dinner. And I had to go into the village to do some last-minute shopping. It was an easy day, but very busy. I didn’t have a moment to relax, so again, at the end of the day, I was exhausted. Part of it was due to a certain stress about entertaining the fellow who was fired from the recruitment campaign, because I have taken his place.

I heard from STAMMA. I have a session next Monday at 6:00 am. It’s a bit of a rehearsal for all of us on the panel who are speaking to the doctors the next day (Tuesday). Then, on Tuesday, I have the big session with all the doctors at 4:00 am, and then another session at 8:00 am— a training session so that I can become an administrator of the FND support group.

Between STAMMA and the clinic, my calendar and my mind are full of thoughts about either STAMMA or the clinic. It’s great! I don’t have time to think about myself and my speech.

The dinner with David went well. He’s an interesting fellow, and he got me back on Facebook. I’ve no interest in Facebook, but I need access to it to manage our Be Our Doctor page, plus I have joined a Canadian FND group, and I can access the Gabriola Community page as well. He only stayed for two hours. He is a busy dude; his phone was ringing all through the evening. (But why bring your phone to a dinner?)

Today is the last day of our endlessly sunny Summer. Clouds are expected late in the day, showers are expected tomorrow. Finally! Normal mid-Fall weather is arriving. There are lots of days of showers ahead, beginning on Sunday, and we need it.

I’m glad the dinner with David is done, and the bulk of the work for the clinic is done as well. It’s been a very busy few days; I want some Bruno and R&R time today.

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