Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Blue and Open Skies

When I lost all my emails, I lost contact with my STAMMA group in the U.K. I wrote to them asking for reconnection data but heard nothing. Suddenly today, a bunch of emails arrived that I think were sent long ago, and they’ve asked me to be a co-administrator of our group. I’m honoured to have been asked and eagerly agreed to do it.

Yesterday was a cleaning and tidying day. Dianne and her daughter, Ashlee, are coming on Saturday to stay for a few days. I washed all their bedding and hung it outside to dry so that they have that wonderful outdoor smell when they go to bed. I also finished another Bruno novel. My passion for Martin Walker’s writing has not diminished one iota. 

When Di is here, her friend Mog and Mog’s partner, Chris, are coming for dinner, so I’m hosting another dinner party. Di and I are talking today about what we’ll do for our Thanksgiving dinner party. She and Ashlee are willing to help me with the cooking.

Today, I’ll do some watering but most of the day will be filled with clinic work. I’ll be working on the revamping of the website and tidying up some past work for distribution at the upcoming meetings of both committees of which I’m a member.

One great thing about my speech crises is that when they pass, I am super happy with the poor speech that is my norm. 

It’s a big day here at Pinecone Park. A huge tree in the wild part of my yard is coming down and several trees in the lot next door, Ursula’s and David’s lot, are coming down today. My lot is going to get a lot more light and I could not be happier about that!

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