Saturday, October 8, 2022

Dianne Arrives Today

Friday was another spectacular day! It was even warmer than Thursday. At 3:30 it was 27° outside, and today and tomorrow are predicted to be as warm. It’s predicted to be cloudy on Monday and then we’re to return to more days of sunshine but with much cooler temperatures—around 17° for afternoon highs. Oh, my goodness, what a remarkable Fall we’re having!

I had a long and lovely walk with Her Highness and our friends first thing in the morning, and then I did some shopping before coming home to make the egg noodles I want for the pad thai that I’m making for Dianne and Ashlee for tonight’s dinner. Just as I finished, I heard Issa’s happy call and we and her mom had a lovely late afternoon visit.

Today is the first day of my 6th year on Gabriola. How nice for me that I have Dianne and Ashlee coming to help get this next year off to a wonderful start. We’re having pad thai tonight and on Monday night, a full-on Thanksgiving dinner with Turkey and the whole nine yards.

Tomorrow, I’m taking them over to Dianne’s to meet her goats, mule and ponies. I think that they’ll love meeting the animals and getting a glimpse into why I love this neighbourhood so much.

Life is good! The weather, my work with STAMMA and the clinic goes well, and Ibuprofen is helping reduce the painful knee I now must live with. And, of course, there’s my girlfriend, Issa, who brings joy almost every day. 

Restored 1929 Pulman train carriage.

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