Thursday, October 13, 2022

Visiting Eoin & François

The sunshine never stops, but it’s cold in the mornings, dark later in the mornings, and dark earlier in the evenings. The laundry still dries quickly and completely, partly due to the longer exposure of sunlight thanks to the felling of the arboreal wall, and because the air is still dry. I am grateful, every day, for this magnificent stretch of weather.

Lunch was spectacular at Eoin’s and Françoise’s place. I asked to go so that I could visit with their animals. It is always positively thrilling to visit with these guys; the impress me as individuals, as a couple and as very, very clever lads. They have learned a lot and work hard to have their home. It’s a beautiful home, off grid, and they grow or raise a lot of their food. The amount of land supporting animals and vegetables is ever-increasing. 

The view from F&E's deck.

They have 19 Pekin Ducks. These ducks are for eating. Sigh.

Their two female pigs.

Their three male pigs.

The Indian Runner ducks are for eggs.

The Pekin are loud and beautiful.

Muscovey ducks are gentle brave beauties.

Muscoveys are good fliers.

In the afternoon, I fell asleep on the couch. After that, I watched a movie and then read documents in advance of the meeting I have on Zoom today. I can’t keep up with the need. I could be working full time, but I don’t want to. I realized very early, how valuable to the Foundation I’ve become due to the investment board members have made in my education and training. I’m clearly in for a long-haul. 

I’m going to suggest that we have a Christmas party as we move to becoming active in fundraising, our doctor search and launching our newsletter. There are many working hard on our clinic, and we should party to keep our commitment and energy high.

Dianne’s visit was ideal. It was entirely comfortable. And I loved Thanksgiving. She was driving the bus all night. She seemed almost unable to relax until our guests left and she collapsed onto the couch. But I was her devoted partner. In the afternoon, as she relaxed in the spa, I chopped onions and garlic, and de-tipped the green beans. I helped stuff and did all the lifting in and out of the oven like a devoted sous chef. 

The success of the evening was our reward. It was the right way to celebrate Thanksgiving. I loved that we cooked the meal together as well as ate it. Ashlee made celery and carrot sticks for us to munch on over wine and diet coke, and she laid the table. I reckon I’ll never forget our wonderful holiday together.

But it also feels good to be alone again. I am so, so comfortable on my own. But a small circle of dear friends maintain contact with me via email or video chats. And thank God for that.

Today is another beauty of a day. Her Highness and I will have lovely walks and I will spend two hours on Zoom with clinic colleagues and another couple of hours on ads for our doctor recruitment campaign.

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