Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Brochure Love

I spent much of yesterday and all last night working on this brochure for the clinic. I love doing this kind of work—it combines my love of working with words with my love of doing graphics. This brochure will go with Nancy and Don to medical conferences that are coming up.

One of a 2-fold brochure; the panel on the right is the cover.

The other side. Click to enlarge both images.

This morning has been spent on email going back and forth with Kevan who does our website construction. I’ve been chatting with him about what a website for us might look like that is focused on developing a relationship with our members.

Merrill, Leo and Issa bailed on coming for dinner tonight because Issa has a fever and is feeling very poorly. So it’s pad Thai for one tonight.

I’ve not much to say because all I do is clinic work, but I enjoy short breaks with Bruno. I’m reading my antepenultimate Bruno novel. Sigh. Soon, I’ll be switching from Périgord to Venice when I move to the huge series of books by Donna Leon that I’ll be reading next.

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