Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Back to Work & Play

 I spent much of yesterday, after a magnificent walk with my friends and our dogs, doing graphics for the clinic and administrative work for STAMMA. 

We’re getting close to having our first Foundation newsletter ready to send to our members and to insert into our island newspaper. It’s been a lot of writing on my part, and I’ve had to do a lot of negotiating to get the doctors to participate. But soon it will be done.

I had to make my first QR code as part of an ad (see 2nd image below). I was able to do it, but like all new tasks, I was nervous about doing it. And then Dyan sent me an email saying that there is no budget for the circulation of our newsletter. She wants me to develop a pitch for the upcoming board meeting; I sense she’s grooming me towards a role she has in mind.

All the board members have demanding jobs. Everyone is a volunteer. Dyan heads a committee charged with communications, community liaison, and fundraising. I won’t be surprised if she relinquishes responsibility for communications to me. It won’t change our working relationship and it gives me a clear role in the Foundation. We newbies have no department; we support designated board members. 

Click to enlarge.

I had one hell of a time speaking in a video chat last night, with my friend, Todd. It was extremely frustrating. Blocks are one form of stuttering. Some people repeat on first syllables. There are many forms of stuttering in the stuttering community. Blocks are when I am temporarily mute. I have long ones and short ones. Last night my blocks were around 45 seconds. That’s the longest blocking I’ve ever done.

So, I got to work in Photoshop. I created an image with which to inform friends of the monologue festival—if I get accepted. (Above. Don’t worry, I won’t be disappointed if I don’t make it!) I used a drawing I did of myself for a show of self-portraits here on Gabriola. It was how I was feeling about living with speech and seizure disorders, and I used it for a background. But I faded it out because I am more at peace with my symptoms now.

It's a work on progress. I’ll finish it if it’s a go. I love communicating graphically.

We’re advertising our coming newsletter; using it as bait to get more islanders onto our mailing list. As I was doing it, I realized what Dyan wants me to do, is create a communications budget. That’s a very respectful request. It’s gestures like this that make me feel really good about working for the clinic.

Prior to my arrival, the Federation infrequently sent text letters—nothing graphic. Dyan created her committee in partnership with the previous board, found three new volunteers from the ad in the paper to which I responded. Three people for a committee with a trinity of responsibilities. 

Her Highness and I will enjoy some lovely walks today, and I plan to try making a dish that I’ve never made before—chicken lettuce wraps. Stacy made them one night and I loved them. Also, I’ll do a few hours of work on developing a communications budget for the clinic that I’ll put forward to the board at the next meeting.

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