Saturday, November 26, 2022

Newsletter & Mailing List: Check!

 I bought some free-range organic Duck fat that has no added preservatives. I got it so that I can cook like Bruno. It’s from a company called Fatworks. They say their products are for people who give a duck.

My meeting with Dyan yesterday went extremely well. She encouraged me to toughen up: “You’re a fully-fledged board member now. Don’t let anyone give you orders, you’re a volunteer. And don’t let anyone give you too much work. If someone disrespects you, speak up. You’re a very valuable member of our team.” She offered to talk to Nancy, but I said I would do that.

As a result of our discussions, I got onto MailerLite, a website that helps people make e-newsletters, and I created our first newsletter. It’s full of graphics, links and lots and lots of information. I’m really pleased with it and so is Dyan. She was very impressed when I sent her a copy. Not only that, I achieved something I would never have thought possible without some techie helping me. I imported the Foundation’s membership list into the newsletter program, so I am all at the ready to send out our first missive.

We have a board meeting next week that sets committees and chairs. I am going to volunteer to be the Communications, Community Relations and Fundraising Committee chair. Others may also volunteer, but I intend to. I’m functioning in that capacity already. I hope that leads to my becoming the Communications Director and having a seat on the executive committee.

Mr. Quitter is seriously back!

Today has been spent walking Her Highness, but since rising and until now (2:00 pm) I’ve been mad dogging on the newsletter, the mailing list and other clinic work. Sheba and I will have another walk soon, otherwise the rest of the day will be spent by the fire with Bruno.

Our newsletter is sent as an email and you scroll down it to see it all. To give you an idea of what I’ve been doing, here are some screens hots of it. (The Clinic Corner article is shite. A new one is coming from the clinic doctors. And I'm missing a photograph of Mike. Click on them to enlarge them.

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