Friday, November 25, 2022


I’ve long wondered about getting a heat pump. The government offers cash subsidies and really advocates for them. Lots of my friends here have them, so yesterday I finally got serious and did some research only to find that were I to get one and apply for the subsidy, they’d require that I remove my fireplace. Are you kidding?! There is no way I would do that. My fireplace is the best thing about Winter.

I discovered that my lovely next-door neighbours, Dave and Ursula, like playing tile rummy, so I’ve invited them for dinner and a night of games. They are coming over tonight.

I work minimally for the Foundation and maximally for the R&R committee that manages the campaign to recruit and retain doctors. The R&R committee functions almost exclusively as a communicator, placing ads and articles in social media, medical journals and our local newspaper, but it functions almost independently, making post action reports to the board.

Soon the Foundation will be launching a capital fundraising campaign to finance the expansion of our clinic. It’s essential that we do this, and when we do, the Capital Campaign Committee will be functioning just like the R&RC—rather independently with post action reporting and largely as a communications generator.

Our membership and mailing list is handled by our accountant. That is illogical. Our membership and mailing list should be part of our communications office/officer. 

And finally, there’s the overload factor. Nancy has hired a social media consultant to set the R&R campaign up on Instagram, LinkedIn, and advertising on Facebook. She wants the consultant to teach me how to maintain these new activities. Plus, I must learn how to use Mailchimp, produce a ton more images for the social media posts, and take a significant part in the revision of the website.

I have too much on my plate, and somehow, all these communications, all focused on our local community but with distinctly different external targets, must be coordinated and rationalized. When I meet with Dyan today, I hope to bring all these things up and hear her opinion of how to manage all these things.

Today is dark and wet, but it’s warm. I’m planning on going on the dog walk, reading and just chilling after I meet with Dyan. I got an email this morning saying Ursula has come down with the flu or a bad cold. She works at a daycare centre, and she picked up the bug there. So, we’re not playing tile rummy tonight.

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