Wednesday, November 2, 2022


Yesterday was a heavy clinic day. When I finished it all, I got to work making the pad Thai I’s planned to serve to Leo, Merrill and Issa. I had a great dinner last night and a horribly messy kitchen to clean up this chilly morning. It was clear last night, and so it’s cold this morning; it’s a very chilly 3°.

I’m placing ads for a doctor in South Africa, Ireland and in Britain. They are very expensive ads, but we’re enthused by the news about increased funding for doctors in BC. We’re now in a very competitive position internationally. 

The biggest challenge of the day was doing preparatory work for my meeting on Friday with Dyan, the supreme boss of the clinic. I want to be prepared. My plan is to present options for how we disseminate Foundation news. There are many ways to do a newsletter; I want us to make the best possible decision.

In the afternoon, I had a rather disappointing session with a Canadian FND group. It’s run with an agenda but a delightful and generous woman, Kristine, but the format of the session sucks. Kristine actually cut off discussion to keep to her instructional agenda. She was presenting slides on symptoms, focusing on management techniques. I am not at all a fan of correctional measures. I am not seeking a fix. I think support groups should be member led and not carried out in a top-down structure. I was very disappointed and will likely not return to that group.

The day ended with sad, sad news. I went to bed in tears because Nelson, one of our doggies that walk together three times a week, has cancer that has already metastasized. When I woke up this morning, I burst into tears again. We are losing a great, great friend. My heart aches for Di and Rod who love Nelson so, so much. This morning’s walk is going to be somber.

Love your pets. 

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