Monday, November 14, 2022

Three Pines Comes to Life

Armand Gamache has come to life, and he’s Alfred Molina. It’s exciting to see Three Pines, the village that was central to all the Penny novels I read and loved. It’s especially great to see the characters who’ve become so familiar to me come to life, and to see the famous café. It’s a series of 8 episodes that begins in December on Prime.

Sunday was as Sunday’s usually are here in Pinecone Park; self-indulgent. I spent much of the day on the couch after a good long morning walk with the big community dog walking group. I always watch a movie on YouTube by Martijn Doolard and The Great Canadian Baking Show.

Martijn bought 2 dilapidated stone cabins high in the Italian Alps. I happened to see his first video when he had just taken occupancy of the land and buildings. He posts a long video every week, showing his progress at rebuilding the cabins and creating a home for himself. I am absolutely smitten with him and his videos. I can hardly wait for Sundays every week so I can see what’s new chez lui.

And I love the baking shows. I fall in love with the contestants. They are always so wonderful, diverse and talented.

Today, I work. I’ve writing to do for the clinic and I’m working on a graphic invitation to send to join me at the monologue festival. I want to have friends there if I am chosen to perform so that I have a safe place to be before and after my bit.

But wait…! I just re-read the notice I got about the Monologue Festival. If I’m accepted, I have to do it twice. F word. F word. That’s even scarier.

But now I’m off to join my friends for a long morning walk with our dogs. It’s so nice to be warmly dressed on these days that are so brisk but without rain, walking in the forest. Today is quite lovely and it’s supposed to stay sunny now for over a week. Hooray! I’ll be outside doing some cleaning up over the next few days.


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Sharon Dawn said...

I LOVE your photos!!! So much colour and texture and Life!