Sunday, November 6, 2022

Stormy Weather

Rain. More rain and even more rain.

Friday started with taking Sheba in for her grooming. She is gorgeous again but has an infection on her lady parts that I will have to treat.

Her groomer is in the same little mini mall as the automotive shop. My car is alight with notices of the need for an oil change. If you remember, my last car exploded while I was driving it because it lost all its oil somehow. So, I’ve been uncomfortable using the car, and that’s problematic because I could not get an appointment until Nov. 30th.  I had to wait 5 weeks from when I called.

So, Friday, being close to the automotive shop, I went it to ask them to call me if they get a cancellation. By the time I got home, there was a message for me from the shop. I am taking my car in on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m profoundly relieved because I have a vaccination appointment in 2 weeks in Nanaimo.

Dyan is a woman with a vision, and her vision is both philosophic and operational. Her vision will be realized. She’s a general. I feel it. She’s a good general, and I’m one of her lieutenants. I like that. She read my paper, we had a great talk that helped me get an idea of where we are going and what might lie ahead for me. I’m quite excited about writing the copy for the website. It’s going to be an interesting ride along this trail.

Further to the very painful loss of our Lord Nelson, Corgi of body, King of Soul. I happened to read a comment about a movie called Heart of a Dog yesterday “One takeaway for me was the philosophy that the purpose of death is the release of love.  If you have loved someone or a pet intensively and for many years, when that person/pet dies, your love is ‘released’ to be reapplied to a new person or animal.” 

Friday night a storm came in. The power went off just past 8:30 and falling branches were making loud thumps on the roof. I went to bed because I hate windstorms; escape into sleep was a good strategy. I got up at 6:30 yesterday morning, fed the pets, lit the fire, and then got the generator going to keep the fridge cold and to have music from the radio, and then I waited for daylight when I could attend to chores and to phone Bruce to see what Hydro says about our outage. I had no access to the Internet; Shaw was down.

I went into town on roads littered with branches and twigs, to find most stores closed and Nester’s only selling dry goods. The gas station was only selling gas for cash, but none of the cash machines on the island were working. Sadly, the pet food store was closed, and Sheba is almost out of food, so I had to buy grocery store food for her, and I don’t like doing that. I like the premium food the pet store carries.

I hate driving the car and seeing all the emergency lights go on. I can hardly wait for Monday or Tuesday when I can take the car in for a tune up.

I made lunch on the barbeque. Thank God for warm food on a challenging day. Then I got Bruno and made myself very comfortable on the chaise longue beside my large front window and read. And I hoped for power for the evening. But there are outages everywhere; it was a nasty storm. I wondered as I read if we’d get power before Sunday. 

But then, just before 6:30 last night, the power came back on after 21 hours without it. Oh, oh, oh, I felt good. I was reading by flashlight at the time and the relief had me make a nice pasta meal with lots of cheese to celebrate being able to watch a movie and chill on the couch. 

Today began with me waking to yet another loss of power, but shortly after getting up it came back on. For how long, I don’t know. There is another wind and rainstorm over us today, after a nice sunny day yesterday. I won’t be joining the large community dog walking group. It’s just too nasty. I’ve got the laundry on and I’m praying it will get through the whole cycle before another power outage. Tonight, I go to Dan and Steve’s for dinner with Eoin and Fran├žois.

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