Thursday, November 24, 2022

Seriously Ironic 😂

In the photo above you can see the white sentinel standing on the cliff edge. I reckon he's the fellow for whom Bruno always removes his hat as he drives past on his way to Eyzies. The building is the Musé National de Préhistoire that Bruno often recommends to his guests. 


Guess what happened yesterday!

Harvey is one of the clinic board members. Amongst the many things he does for the Foundation is managing our memberships. Yesterday he sent an email to all the other board members asking, “what is going on?” He said that suddenly, people were becoming members in droves. I wrote back explaining that I had posted on Facebook, urging our 1,800 ‘friends’ to join up. He replied, “Well, that sure worked.”  Dyan replied, “Bravo!” Ironically, the post that drove the recent membership boost was the post that Nancy objected to and that caused my meltdown.

But I’m back in the clinic game. I am supporting Nancy’s current initiative with social media and I’m keeping Dyan abreast of things we might want to do. I’m hosting a Zoom meeting for Nancy this morning, and Dyan and I meet tomorrow and that will set my course for the future I reckon.

Yesterday was dull, but we both loved going for our morning walk before we went into the village to pick up some medications. Then I came home to have lunch, read and tidy up the house. Lunch ruined my day. 

For the past several months, I’ve been getting heartburn/acid reflux problems. I did not want to eat dinner last night because I was feeling so poorly. But then I remembered that I had bought some Gaviscon when the issue started, so I fetched it and ate two tablets. It was fantastic! I was immediately relieved of the discomfort. I’ve never taken a medicine before that acted so immediately and so completely. Wow!!

This is a shot of today's sunrise. The photo doesn't do justice to whaat I saw this morning. The glorious colour was a vibrant pink/orange light. It's a beautiful sunny day today. It’s a very welcome surprise, but I doubt that I’ll be outside much. I’m a sissy when it comes to cold. It’s a chilly 3° this morning and it’s likely to be cool all week, so I’ll be reading, doing clinic work and working on my monologue.

God bless the citizens of Alaska who rejected Sarah fucking Palin. There’s on less brainless dufus in American politics.

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Sharon Dawn said...

Hi Chris. I actually left a couple other comments but I'm not sure if they went through. Anyway, I was researching a Restoration Home episode and stumbled upon your blog and subsequently (after reading several posts and admiring the pictures) sent the comments. So I kept reading and you mentioned living on an island and I thought, 'Oh yeah, I live on an island' But of course there are likely thousands, tens of thousands (100s of thousands?) islands on this lovely planet so I didn't think much of it till you mentioned living on Gabriola. Holy Shit! I live in Nanaimo and my sister's brother (yes, that is right) lives on Gabriola so we go over there sometimes. I have odd things happen and this just fit in: research a UK restoration show and find someone living practically a stone's throw away. A lot of things piqued my interest which was why I kept reading: your dog walking, computer stuff, that you lived in Vancouver (I was born in VGH, lived my first 30 years mostly in Van.). I hope you will consider contacting me. I'm a bit odd in some ways, but all good ways. I have excellent references and am not some kind of weirdo stalker entity. I am a retired mental health worker, live with my cat Daisy in Nanaimo. If I do not hear anything from you I will take that to mean either you are not interested in conversing or you didn't get this. In either case, I will not bother you again. Take care, best wishes and all that, Sharon Dawn