Tuesday, November 22, 2022

A Hero Facebooks Me

I was as giddy as a schoolgirl getting a postcard from Elvis when Martin Walker, the author of the Bruno series wrote to me. What you see below, is a post I wrote on the Bruno, Chief of Police Facebook page, and then his answer, and my reply to him.

It’s a new world. All day yesterday felt so different. I wasn’t worried about clinic work needing doing. Instead, I shopped, did some errands, and spent some time with Bruno—and discovered the error that led to the post above, and …. a post to me from Martin Walker himself! I felt like I’d been kissed by God.

Diane, my neighbour with the horses, brought me a dozen eggs from her chickens. How nice is that?

Late yesterday afternoon, I got an email from Nancy. Yes, that Nancy. She whose backstabbing email caused my meltdown. Anyway, she wrote having heard that I had stood down from the board. She asked me to remain on her committee: “Dyan has let me know of your decision not to join the Board. I do hope that you will continue with the R&R cttee! You have made an outstanding contribution and we need your skills and expertise. And, I think we make a good team.”

Choosing not to be part of the board, to me, meant quitting the clinic altogether. Nancy’s request is giving me cause to ponder. I’m going to think about her request for a day or so before I answer, but it occurs to me to agree, contingent upon us having a coffee together at Mad Rona’s where she asked me to be part of her committee. I want to tell her how she hurt me and say that I’ll continue to help contingent upon her never doing that again. If she has concerns about me, I want her to consult with me, and me alone first before going tattle tale on me.

Then, maybe half an hour later, I got a wonderful, kind, empathetic email from Dyan. She clearly does not want to lose me. She’s asked for a meeting with me and offered to have a chat with Nancy about Nancy’s betrayal. She has restored my faith and rebuilt trust. I have been heard and I am very, very happy to be able to say so. I’m confident that I can stay involved, confident that I, and all board members, will be respectfully treated. I’m going to meet with her and I’m going to tell her I can fix things with Nancy.

So, I’m likely back with the clinic but not on the board. I didn’t expect to return; my resignation wasn’t a strategy. I was done, but I’m glad to go back … cautiously. 

On Sunday, I got a very short email from Stacy. She invited me for dinner chez elle for last night. She said her sister and brother-in-law would also be there. I was thrilled to accept as I really like all three of them. And she invited Sheba, as she always does.

I arrived at 5:30 as requested, and Kris and Steve were there, as expected. I was so happy to be there and to feel so good again about myself and my relationship with the clinic. Then Nancy (not clinic Nancy), Rod and Di arrived, and the evening was announced as a surprise birthday party for me! Stacy said she wanted to celebrate with me and that she’d be back in Vancouver after this weekend until January. Her daughter is about to give birth.

There was a birthday cake, party hats, cards and presents. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. First, a message from Martin Walker and then a surprise birthday party with dear, dear friends. Oh my God, I felt good, and how I love Stacy.

The rains are here. Finally! We’ve few puddles and no streams at all yet this year on the island. We’ve been experiencing drought conditions since July, but it seems likely that this week will change that. Hurrah! I’m Zooming with Cathy this morning and then having a nice slow day by the fire with Bruno before making a favourite dish for dinner.

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