Saturday, January 21, 2023

Gentle Days

I heard again from the monologue festival. We are trying to find a time to get together on FaceTime next week; they wanted to chat on Wednesday, but I am in transit that day. I’m so excited about this experience!

Yesterday was busy all morning, but my afternoon was comfortably relaxing, and relaxing is my plan for today as well because the coming week is so busy. Caryn and Bruce are here visiting on Monday, just during the day, and then on Wednesday I go to Vancouver. Resting in advance of so much socializing is essential, as will be recovering.

The one thing I’ll do today is to go shopping. I so loved the lemon tart I made (with the impossible pastry), I’m going to make another for Bruce and Caryn’s visit, and they can take the leftover portion on to Denman Island where they will visit with Bill and Marsha.

I’m feeling so much better about my life today. I’m coping better with the clinic work now that I’m feeling less responsible, and the monologue project is giving me something interesting to work on, and Kris, Steve, Nancy and I have already arranged to have another games night. I started something. We’re playing more games next Sunday night (not tomorrow) at Nancy’s place. 

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