Saturday, January 28, 2023

Great News from the Monologue Festival

I’ve read extraordinary things about this film; I’m dying to see it.


Our walk on Friday morning was a good one. The air was crisp and there was no rain. It felt good to be back with my walking buddies and on the trails. In the city on Wednesday, there is no soft ground to walk on except in the parks and leashes are required everywhere. It’s not really a dog friendly place, but here is paradise. 

When the walk was over, I hurried home to wait for the call from the monologue festival. I was very excited about what the outcomes might be and to meet the people involved, and I wasn’t disappointed. Tony and Holdar are both lovely men. They were easy to be with (via video chat) and what they said surprised me. They said incredibly nice things about my script that filled me with pride. I’m in, I’m re-writing and I’m performing. My script won’t be performed by an actor.

What a blast this is going to be.

In the afternoon, Nancy came by to do some clinic work together. Remember Nancy? I had so much trouble with her at one point, but no more. We work excellently together now, and when we finished up yesterday, she gave me a big hug. I was so touched by her warmth. I’ve come to really like working for/with her. 

In the evening, I watched yet another movie on Kanopy. It’s like having a film festival here at home. I’ll do the same tonight. Today will be a day of rest as Sunday I go on the long dog walk and in the evening we’re celebrating Stacy’s birthday at Kris and Steve’s.

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