Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Taxic Shock!

Holy crap!!  Dana sent me my tax assessment. He saw it online; my paper version hasn’t arrived yet. And what a fucking shock!! A rise of $220,000 in one year!! There’s no f’ing way I could get a million dollars for this place. Are they kidding? Of course not! Tax men don’t have a sense of humour.  To dispute or not to dispute?

Tuesday was damp and dark but there was no rain. Regardless, it was a day to be cozy by the fire with Guido, and to do some cleaning and housework. In other words, a day like every other for the past month and coming months. The routine is starting to get to me.

When, after doing all my chores, I finally plop myself down in my beloved big plush chair so, so close to the fire, the pleasure reaches every cell of my body. The warmth of the fire, the pleasure of being in Venice with Guido, and the sense of contentment that comes from knowing all my chores are done (and that there is no clinic work needing doing), is intoxicating.

I read for a while, and inevitably, I eventually put down my book, close my eyes and fall into a light sleep before Fred, Ethel, Her Highness, or the ping of an incoming email calls me into action. It’s such a lovely way to pass a day.

In the evening, did a refresh of my cleaning and had the house looking nice and clean and tidy. And then I made smoked Salmon fettuccini for dinner. Yum. I’ve taken to buying myself pre-packaged salads—lots of mixed lettuce, crisps and dressing. Individual lettuces have become so expensive, the mixes are reasonable, and I enjoy the variety of flavours and spices.

The rat seems to be gone. I have neither heard nor seen any evidence of it, nor have I seen the wee beastie itself. I reckon me and my butterfly net, plus Fred and Ethel, were too much for it. Also, Sheba’s lameness seems to be gone as well. 

This morning, in the cool moist Winter air, Her Highness and I will walk with our friends, and then we’ll come back home to pass our umpteenth day of routine. It’s not exciting, but it’s a fine way to pass time.  All I think about is getting to warm weather.

Besides reading today, I’ll be learning a new program with which to create the clinic newsletters. Carol knows MailChimp, so I will switch to that program so that if I am indisposed, she can do the newsletter for me.

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