Friday, January 13, 2023

A Balmy Day

Thursday morning was wet but uplifting because it was so mild (8°). The warmth of the day made me want to work outside, but the rain put an end to that longing.

I began the day with a massive tidying because Nancy came at 9:45 for a work session together on the doctor recruitment campaign. We had a meeting with Marc and then got down to posting ads on various sites for doctors. Then, once Nancy had departed, I made lunch and got comfortable by the fire with Guido. Sheba did not want to walk in the rain and neither did I.

It was dark, wet and depressing outside all day. It was nice to move about a pristinely clean and tidy home, and I loved reading about Guido by the fire and occasionally snacking.

I made reservations on the ferry for my trip to Vancouver in two weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing Tory & Keith, John & Bunny. Sheba is, of course, coming with me.

Well … I now cut my hair by shaving my head. It’s come to that. I am that bald. Sigh.

This morning is wonderfully balmy. It’s 11° and the rain has stopped so our morning dog walk with friends will be refreshing. And once done, I am off to a meeting with Dyan and Carol to discuss the future of the CCRF committee—the committee no one wants to chair. And then, its back to reading and puttering in my nice clean and tidy house for the afternoon. I may try to get my writing exercise finished so that I can post it.

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