Tuesday, January 17, 2023

It's a YES!

I received word from the monologue festival. Here is what they said:

Thank you for submitting your script to our monologue festival competition. We have some bad news and some good news. 

First the bad news: after spending a longer time than anticipated in reading and evaluating the entries received, we determined that not enough scripts were ready to be staged. This does not mean the quality of writing was lacking but that most entries were not suitable for a theatre-type presentation. 

Now the good news, which comes in two parts. Some of the scripts certainly merit further consideration, and this gives us hope that with some further development they may still be presented at a later date, for we have not entirely abandoned plans to run the monologue festival. It just won't happen in March, as originally planned. 

This brings us to your entry. We are glad to invite you to a 30-minute interview with a professional stage director where he (and I as festival coordinator) would meet with you to discuss your script. We are looking to explore further possibilities to make your work suitable for performance. Initially we would want to learn more about you and the intent of your monologue. Also, let us know if you are open to rewriting and possibly in workshopping your script. If you want to perform your monologue yourself (rather than have one of our actors do so), we'd also have you "perform" an excerpt from the script as part of this 30-minute interview.

Please tell us whether or not you are interested in such a meeting. This month we can book the appointment on a Wednesday (daytime) or Friday (afternoon or evening). If this suits you, please give us a time range when you would be available, and we'll get back to you with precise details.

I am chuffed by this reply. I have enthusiastically accepted their offer of the interview, expressed my willingness to rewrite and to discuss options on who might perform it. This opportunity to enrich my life excites me.

It rained all day yesterday. It was lovely and mild; I barely needed a fire. But it was wet, and I saw flooding in the usual spots in my neighbourhood. I read and puttered my way through the entire day, accomplishing very little. But I took time to write a card to my friend, Maureen, who had a bad fall, fractured four vertebrae and is in the spinal cord unit in the hospital in Vancouver. The poor woman is facing big changes in her life.

The evening, like several of my recent evenings, was enriched by a beautiful Japanese film about a dorayaki maker. I absolutely loved it. The night before, I watched an equally moving and minimalist Polish film about a novice nun who’s about to take her vows. My simplistic descriptions here do not do the films justice, but my point in mentioning them is to celebrate the eclectic masterpieces available for viewing on Kanopy

Today is going to be a busy day. There’ll be no idleness for me. I have a major cleaning up to do in the house in advance of my friends coming for an evening of games tomorrow night, and I have baking to do. Plus, I have a lunch date with Paula Turner and her two brothers. I’m looking forward to my first social date since Christmas day.

Hoya's are a favourite plant. I had one in my live-in
studio in Vancouver. Their fragrance is intoxicating.

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