Monday, January 2, 2023

Still Going Slow

Sunday was wonderful—slow, easy and painless. No seizures, feeling good and lovely chats with Bruce and Dwight. But man-oh-man, my speech is dreadful. However, my friends are patient and understanding.

In the evening I watched Life in Squares, a three-part mini-series about the Virginia Woolf, her sister and the Bloomsbury group. Oh, the sets and costumes, only outdone by the performances. This is my kind of mini-series. Plus, James Norton. But I found it really challenging to understand and keep track of who was who. 

I’ve promised to go to Vancouver to see my friends, John and Bunny. John and I have had a solid bond since September 1970. We’d been through high school together, but I never said one word to him. He went to SFU, and I went to UBC and, five years later, we both wound up teaching at the same high school we’d attended. And we both went into shock.

John took some stress leave. I started smoking dope to help me sleep at night. We became a support group of two and a great friendship grew. Bunny came along not too long after we met and we have been steadfast friends ever since. I feel about going over to the city like an alcoholic might feel about having to go for three days without alcohol.

I don’t like the stress of catching 2 ferries each direction, I don’t sleep well away from home and in other people’s homes. I don’t like buying food and into stores and being the mute guy. But I love being with John and Bunny. So, I’m going to do it. And I know I’ll have a great time.

I’m going to ask Carol to chair the CCRF committee. It will feel far better to report to Carol and not to take on a role which would require me to speak at every board meeting. Things have happened that make me question my mental competence. I’m not sure I’m as competent as I once was. Also, being chairperson means more work, and I have enough already.


This morning began with an absolutely spectacular celestial display of glorious colour. I took photos of the morning sun rise but they are shite. 

Today, Sheba and I will walk with our friends and the rest of the day will be no different that every day I’ve had for the past couple of weeks. I’ll read, putter, eat and watch the boob tube in the evening. 

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