Thursday, January 19, 2023

STAMMA / Games Night

Wednesday bot started with an adrenaline rush. At 8:30 am, I logged into a link sent my STAMMA for an interview that was filmed for presentation by STAMMA to who knows where. I’m terribly impressed with STAMMA’s commitment to adult onset stutterers. We are working together to further the awareness and understanding of the condition for employers and to help people who stutter gain insights and confidence with securing employment. I value being an advocate for education on neurological disorder and helping other people who stutter.

Once that was done, it was time to walk Her Highness on a really lovely warm (but damp) morning. It was 8° and wasn’t raining. I almost don’t need a fire.

Once back from the walk, it was time to make the lemon custard to fill my baked tart shell, and to do a lot of email answering and little jobs for the clinic. Then I got on with my final tidying and cleaning before the evening of game playing. Plus, I had time for a spa. Oh, how getting into that hot water felt good. All stress dissipates. 

Games night was a total blast. Kris, Steve, Nancy and I get along very, very well together. We had lots of laughs, and everyone enjoyed playing games. We’ve resolved to have more game nights and potlucks.

By the time they left I was beat. Towards the end of our evening together, I could barely speak. The entire night was a major challenge. My friends, however, never once, not once, betrayed any frustration with my speech. I was an equal in their company the entire night. Bless their heads! And we all loved the tart I made. I will definitely make it again, even though the pastry is a bitch to work with. It is delicious pastry and the custard was smooth, tart and creamy. I loved it.

I’m done with All Creatures Great and Small. The last episode did me in. Watching Sigfried act like a petulant child because Helen was doing the practice’s books, was out of character and ridiculous—especially the last bit when he purposely unsorts the bills. Absolutely stupid. The first series I saw of Herriot’s books, was much better. It focused on the animals and the practice, not on the personalities of the home.

In fact, I’ve become disenchanted with most PBS shows. They are too Hallmarky. All the costumes are too new, too clean, too crisp. Everything is so clean and neat and picturesque.

Today will be all about relaxing and clinic work. I have a lot to do for the clinic, but I also need lots of down time today. The past few days have been really busy. 

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