Sunday, January 15, 2023

❤️❤️ Oliver Sacks

Saturday was just another day. Its highlight was a long chat with Dwight. I just read and puttered. Bruce called in the afternoon to tell me a friend had a bad fall and is in the hospital. Poor Maureen has MS and she’s been falling a lot in the past year. I suspect this fall will force her to sell her place with all the stairs, and move to somewhere that has easy, flat access.

Yesterday had some brightness to it. We had two nice walks, Her Highness and I, but today has reverted to damp, dark and mild. Today will be another day like every day of late. I’ll read and putter, but the day begins with the big community dog walk under reasonably bright skies and low fog but no rain.

I watched a documentary about one of my greatest heroes last night: Oliver Sacks. I see him in a different and more meaningful light now that I have a neurological disorder, and the footage of some of his patients made me realize how lucky I am to have so mild a case of neurological disease. Also, however, it made me even more impatient and disappointed in the many health professionals that I have encountered who are woefully misinformed about neurological ailments. But what a guy! The film made me want to re-read his books that I have already read and all the ones I haven’t yet read.

But first, all the rest of my Guido books by Donna Leon.

A 4,500 year old Egyptian dress, painstakingly
reassembled from 7000 beads found in an un-
disturbed burial of a female contemporary of
King Khufu. Restored by Oxford University

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