Friday, January 27, 2023

Great Fun in Vancouver

Leo and Merrill’s house is listed for $850,000. I’m rather stunned. It’s brand new, but the lot is not landscaped, there are no outbuildings and it’s about 1,000 sq. ft. smaller than mine. It makes me wonder at what price my place would be listed.

I watched a perfect film last night called Mid-August Lunch. There’s no sex—well, a tinch—no violence, not even close, and no villain. Everybody is a delight. Food is a big part of it, age is a big part of it, and so is love. It’s Italian, the scenery is gorgeous, it’s gentle, warm and the actors are astonishingly good.  

I can’t remember seeing anything to intimate in a long time. I felt like I was watching a documentary, not acting. It’s the framing of shots, the choice of actors, the closeness of shots (there are a zillion close ups), the story, the writing, on every level, this film worked for me. Yowzah! 

But that’s not to say that it’s for you. It’s a slow film; exactly the kind of film I love. No triggers for an emotional wreck. But if you like well-done films of simple acts and with happy endings, try it. It’s free on Kanopy. I was very happy all night. It was a welcome home movie for me.

I went to see John and Bunny. The love I feel with them is astounding. John and I went to the same high school and then he went to SFU and I went to UBC and then we both go jobs teaching at the high school we’d attended. We’ve been solid friends since. Bunny was soon part of us, she’s John’s partner. What I feel from them gives me a sense of fulfillment. They are part of my logical family. 

Sheba and I got to their house around 4:00. I put my stuff in my room and put down the dishes I brought for Sheba’s food and water. Then we had canapés and drinks, and we started talking together. It’s what we’ve been doing together as part of a tradition begun in 1970 by John and me. Leslie arrived at 6:30, we had more drinks and then dinner, talking all the time, and laughing a lot.

Bunny is a reine de la cuisine. And Leslie … Well, Leslie introduced me to Jude and Jude worked in the adoption reunion department of the provincial government, and when my cardiologist sought assistance as part of his search for a reason for me having had two heart attacks at so young an age. They were looking for a genetic diagnosis.

Not only was Leslie part of the story of my reunion with my birth mother. Leslie gave me one of those DNA kits and two months later I found the families of my birth father. Talk about logical family. She is a sister. Dinner was exhilarating. 

The entire trip was sustainable. Speech remains pretty challenging, but I felt emotionally stable the entire time. That is a first visit like it since before FND.

I felt calm because I had reservations and arrived early for every crossing. It was a good time of year to travel, the ferry was calm and sparsely populated. There were no lineups at the restaurant that I saw. And once on the mainland, I went to St. Paul’s to get HIV medication I was out of, and then went to a fab-u-lous lunch with Tory. From lunch, I went to the art gallery and picked up Dwight. He and I went to his place where he loaded a large print that I really like into my car. Then I took him back to the VAG, dropped him off and drove to the dog off-leash park. And while Her Highness and I were walking, we encountered Michael, my first boyfriend.  We walked and talked for half-an-hour, and it was a total emotional bonus for my trip. Then I went to dinner with John, Bunny and Leslie.

When I got home early yesterday afternoon, I entered a mighty cold house. 2 days without a fire had allowed the place to seriously cool down. And my beloved feline beauties were mad for treats and attention. I lit a monster fire and kept it roaring all afternoon. It wasn’t until 7:00 pm that the house felt warm everywhere.

This morning we walk with our friends, and then I come home for my video chat with the monologue festival directors. I’m excited about it. I can hardly wait for 11:00 am. 

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