Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sad, Sad News

Monday began in humid dullness. It wasn’t raining, but the ground is soaking wet, and the air was super saturated—nice for my skin, but crappy for my soul. But I enjoyed walking with my friends and our dogs knowing that when I came home that I’d soon be lunching with Bruce and Caryn at The Surf and then coming home for my delicious lemon tart dessert. 

It was a delightful visit. We had a great, great time talking about our long history together, people we knew and the good old days of the Arts Club Theatre where we all met each other. But it had to come to a quick end, right after having the tart as they had to meet our mutual friend Bill who was arriving in Nanaimo on the ferry from Vancouver at 3:00.

As soon as they left, I began studying clinic documents in advance of a 3:30 clinic meeting with Carol and Dyan. Then, finally, after two busy days, I rested and oh how good it felt.

Heartbreak: Leo and Merrill are selling their house next door and moving to Abbotsford. I feel gutted. Merrill teared up telling me because we’ve become such good friends and her daughter, Issa, loves me.  I can easily understand why, but I am horribly sad to lose such a wonderful family as neighbours, and now I have a gate into the yard of people I will not know.

Today has begun on a low. It is 4° and the air is milky blue with fog and it’s raining. Neither of us will enjoy our morning walk. It’s likely to be like this the entire time I am in Vancouver as well, but come Friday, we’re predicted to get sunnier weather and very cold temperatures and January ends and Valentine’s month begins.

I have nothing required of me today. Today is all mine and I am thrilled to be able to chill all day prior to going to Vancouver tomorrow.

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