Thursday, January 5, 2023

Fake News

Wednesday was, as you might guess regular reader, entirely uneventful. Regina and I walked our dogs together, the rest of our pack were either sick or away. It was a lovely morning walk, bright and not too cool. Any time it’s not raining, there is so much to like about a morning walkabout. 

The. News. I hear it on the radio (CBC) and see glimpses of what’s dominating the news in online posts. Some current news stories absolutely astound me—the current interest in the death and funeral of the previous pope for example. Who cares about the pope? Why is anyone connected to religion in the news? Religions are cults built upon myths. Religion are irrelevant holdovers of believe systems that predate science, and irrelevant.

And speaking of irrelevance, all these stories about fucking Harry and Megan, two irrelevants that are part of a family dynasty as outdated as the papacy. 

Today I Zoom with my fellows with FND, and later I have a date with the nurse practitioner at our clinic. But first, I will walk with Her Highness in advance of a day that may end with the arrival of a nasty windstorm. And that may mean a power outage tonight or tomorrow. 

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