Monday, January 30, 2023

A Fun Evening with Friends

Me, Sheba and my long johns walked in glorious sunshine and brisk fresh air yesterday morning. It felt good to be outside in the bright light, and good to come home to read and relax by the fire. Once warmed and refreshed, I went into the village to find a birthday gift for Stacy to take to our surprise birthday dinner last night at Kris and Steve’s. (Kris is Stacy’s sister.)

I took Sheba out in the afternoon to chase the ball. I wanted to exhaust her so that she just relaxed and slept while I was at Kris and Steve’s place. And dinner with Kris, Steve, Stacy, Bryce, Nancy and Conner was a perfect evening. As always with Kris, the food was spectacular, and Nancy brought a to-di-for Pavlova for dessert. We had a great, great time. And it was a treat to have Conner there. He’s Kris and Steve’s son and he’s fabulous company.

Today is cold again. It’s currently 8:40 am and -7°, but as of tomorrow, the cold spell will dissipate, thank God. Her Highness and I are walking with our friends this morning, and I have the rest of the day to myself. Keeping the fire stoked is my only task today, plus I’ve a bit of clinic work to do.

Soon, unfortunately, I will be stacking wood. My supplier is liable to call any day. It’s a job I loathe, especially if I must work in cold and damp weather. But there’s good news! I have so much wood left over from last year, I will have much less wood to stack. Hurray! 

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