Sunday, January 29, 2023

A Ballet of Arms and Hands

I’ve re-written my monologue and I think it’s in much better shape. I’ll be reading it again over the next few days and saying it out loud. Speaking it always makes me want to add and edit for the sake of the rhythm of delivery. It has to work for the audience, and it has to work for me. Then it goes to Holgar and Tony with an invitation to comment. It’s a pleasure to work on it knowing that I’m going to ‘perform’ it—I mean that it will have an audience. It’s practical writing. It’s fantastic to be working on something that’s not about the clinic.

It's cold (-6°), sunny and bright. This morning, I join the big community dog walking group and then come home to read and, perhaps, to do more work on my monologue. It’s Sunday, the one day of the week when I feel no obligation whatsoever. It’s my day to live as I choose. No should exist.

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