Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Sylvie Calls

Monday began with an exceptional sun rise. The entire sky was reds, oranges and yellows. It was stunning and also a delight to know that our Monday walk with our friends would be dry and relatively mild. After our walk, I went into the village for groceries and then we came home for a slow, slow, easy day at Pinecone Park. 

Sheba slept a lot and I read through the day. It was a day like so many of late, lazy and gentle. Then, at around 8:30, my friend Sylvie called from Quebec and then we got on FaceTime to video chat. I met her son, Xavier, who’s as handsome as men are made, and Richard, her husband was there. I love the guy. But Sylvie is a very special friend.

Lucie, Sylvie' sister, left, moi and Sylvie.

I met her in 1973. She was my very first Francophone friend and I was very, very proud of her friendship. Also, because she is radiantly beautiful. And best of all, she really loves me. I can feel it and she tells me that she loves me all the time. Xavier, her son, is likely to come out to the coast this coming Spring. If he comes, we will get together and I’m thrilled about that. He’s her son, he’s handsome as stink, and he’s gay (and has a partner). I feel blessed.

I wish I had more to write, but my life is too small to generate anything of interest to record here. Today, cloudy and dull, will be yet another slow day. I see no end in sight for these easy slow days. But soon, I may go to Vancouver for an over-nighter.

Marshmallow is one of my essential food groups.

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