Friday, March 3, 2023

All is SO good!

My counting was wrong. There are 1,700 words in my script, and I thought I’d memorized 1,000 of them. But I was wrong. As of this morning, I have 900 words down pat, and today I’ll start memorizing the next batch—I’m going for an additional 140 words and when I get them down, I’ll reach the 1,000-word milestone. This morning, the words just rolled out of me—all 900 of them, and I did them faultlessly. 

Today begins with a dog walk with my friends, and then I chill. I am stoked about my memorizing, and I just scored a major hit with the clinic. We’ve been struggling as a board; we’re facing major challenges and it’s affected my work on the second newsletter. It’s been really rough. But the board meeting on Wednesday, tough as it was to go through, led to action and that stimulated and impressed me. Thursday morning, I wrote a completely new version of the newsletter and it hit the mark. My inbox is full of very complimentary words, and they’ve made me feel on par with my impressive colleagues. For that, I am very grateful.

So, with memorizing going so well, and with the clinic praising me, I feel today is a day for relaxing and recovery. But I will start on the new batch of words. I’m in for a lovely day. I hope that you are too! 

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