Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Chairman Chris

Tuesday began with a quick walk by the clinic, then I consigned Her Highness to the car whilst I went into the clinic for an important Communications, Membership and Fundraising (CMF) Committee meeting. We are about to get far more serious about fundraising, and naming a chairperson was on the agenda. 

I am now officially the chair of our CMF committee. It is a role I did not want, so when we reached that point in the agenda, I decided to remain silent. Dyan has been chairing our committee at my request because I told her I didn’t want to be chair. She chaired this meeting, and she made it very clear that she would not be continuing. Then she asked for a volunteer, and Don immediately said he thought I should chair it, and everyone agreed. I believe their enthusiasm for me to be chair was about them not wanting the responsibility.

However, I have a new member on the committee, Lu, and she is also working on R&R with me and she seems to be very easy to work with, very capable, and she seems to think about things as I do. She volunteered to draft a beginning fundraising plan, and she recognizes problems we have with the R&R committee we’re both part of. I think that she’ll be an asset to our committee.

Once out of the meeting, I came home to work on the blocks of my monologue, and to chill. I took some time to begin a new Donna Leon novel. I haven’t done any reading for almost a week. I’ve been far too busy, so it was very nice to relax by the fire with my book and the pets all around.

I feel like I’m perhaps an hour from being perfect. I can rip through my monologue now, but I still have blocks—none of them, though, are in the first 1500 words. They are all in the newest material I memorized. So all is very, very good.

 No photos today. I am too rushed. I'll explain why in tomorrow's post.

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