Monday, March 13, 2023


First run of my lines yesterday afternoon had me block just 3 times. It’s always in the same places, so I will eventually master them, or I will know where I will need a prompt.

I’ve divided the remaining text into sections to memorize; I have three more sections to do. Number one, the one I’ll start today, is 138 words. The second section is 114 words and it’s a very easy section to memorize. The third and last section is 187 words.

When I get these sections memorized, I’ll likely have more blocks, but I’ll have two months to run my lines many times a day to get is locked in.

I watched the Oscars; it’s a bad habit. I had a pretty good time though. I thought a lot of speeches were good: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Kwan, and I quite enjoyed the Daniels, Scheinert and Kwan. The bitch within cringed at sore loser Angela Bassett, Hugh Grant’s pre-show interview with Ashley Graham, and the site of Nicole Kidman’s over-stretched and pulled face.

I was very happy for Brendan Fraser and Sarah Polley. Go Canada! And it was fun seeing Naatu Naatu performed and winning best song. I also loved seeing Colin Farrell’s son with him, and Hugh Grant describing his face as a scrotum—I laughed out loud when he said that.

I subscribe to a vlog by Martjin Doolaard. He’s an amazing and talented loner who’s building himself a home high in the Italian Alps. I’ve watched his vlog every Sunday and have been for over a year. It’s a favourite part of my Sundays. This week, he had a visitor, as he often does, bu this one is a fellow named Melchior. I love that name.

Today, I memorize. Duh. And I prepare for a big day tomorrow, travelling to Vancouver and a day of too much talking—particularly a two-hour interview at St. Paul’s. There’ll be no past tomorrow. 

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