Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Open Mike Rehearsal

Laundry art is a thing! 

Nancy sent me three really lovely notes. It helped me feel less like a shit. Her grace really touched me deeply.

I was struggling with shame and a sese of failure all day. But it was a lovely day and I noticed, when I walked with Her Highness in the morning, how good I felt when I was outdoors, so I ran my lines a few times and then we went for another long walk in the brilliant sunshine.

It’s predicted to be beautiful all week, but Friday, the rains are due back. I got a little yard work done yesterday, and I’ll do more today. But my friend from high school, Barb, is on the island and we are going for lunch today to the Surf. I’m looking forward to our date and a relaxing meal with a friend.

Talk about great luck! Our library has started a noon-hour Open Mike reading series on the lasts Friday of every month, so I am going to see if I can do my monologue on the April 28th session to practice in front of a crowd of strangers. 

Today is day #2 of life free of the clinic. My sense of failure and shame is pretty much gone, thanks to the really nice notes from Nancy, Paula and Diane. I suspect there’ll be lingering angst for a couple more days, but I am getting over the disappointment of being unable to cope. 

Today is a brilliant and beautiful day. I’m back to having a spa every day now that I have so much free time. Yay! And I’m having lunch with a friend from high school today. We’re going to the Surf. 

It’s still really cool at night. When I get up in the morning, I go immediately to the shed to chop wood. I cana’t get a roaring fire going fast enough. And that’s what I did yesterday, but I let the fire out. For the rest of the day and the evening, I didn’t need heat. I was comfortable without the fire. And little bit by little bit, I’m getting the yard cleaned up. It makes me feel good to see the yard look clean and tidy.

I did a run through of my script yesterday and had only two blocks. That is pretty good. Every day, the script becomes more and more a part of me. I’m confident I will have is safely embedded by June 1 when I do my first recital for our tech rehearsals. I have lots of time to devote to it without clinic work competing for my time.

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