Saturday, March 18, 2023

Monologue Memorized!!

Friday, I awoke feeling well rested. Thursday was a demanding day due to demands from the clinic, plus I was still exhausted from the trip to Vancouver. So, Friday morning I awoke with a vengeance and vacuumed everywhere, tidied up, did all the dishes that I’d ignored for days (I have never had a dish washer), and did lots of essential little chores that needed doing. Then I went to meet my friends for a walk on a stunning morning. It’s expected to reach 15° here today.

Once back home, I washed all the bedding in the house and, after putting in the drier, I hung it outside to capture that wonderful fragrance of line-dried bed linen. How I love that smell. And then I got down to completing a very long questionnaire for the St. Paul’s HIV study that I’m I’ve just joined. By the time all the beds were made, it was time to take Her Highness to the park to play fetch, then I had a lovely long soak in the spa and by then, it was dinner time.

What a lovely day I had. I love my extremely quiet and mostly solitary life. I do terribly well on my own. I don’t speak, except to my wonderful pets, and there is always so very much to do. I’m itching to get started on cleaning up Pinecone Park, but until the blocks are gone when I run my lines, I am focusing on learning over yard work.

Her Highness and I are both dieting. I was shocked by my weight at the weigh-in at St. Paul’s, so I’m forgoing sweets again (except for when I am at parties or entertaining). And this time I have no goals, I just want to feel better about my health—and fit in pants that are comfortable without suspenders.

I have 1,743 words in my head. Some of them have been there for six weeks. The most recent acquisitions are days old, but I have it all. All the blocks are gone from the first 1300 words. I’m still a little shaky on the last 200 words because I only just learned them. But there is not doubt whatsoever in my mind that I will do this show perfectly. I won’t need a prompter. I have it and I am seriously chuffed! 

I will do some yard work today. I can afford the time because my monologue is so solid. I want to get the back deck and courtyard swept and, if I have time, the front lawn raked. Pinecone Park looks dreadful. I always feel much, much better about the life when the yard it tidy. I’ll walk Her Highness and then get to some long overdue sweeping. 


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